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Thank You for Shopping with MostPowerfulpiece | CHESS. You are appreciated. You will receive your package during the estimated time that was specified of your choice during check out. If I have discussed a local pick up or drop off for the delivery of your purchased product(s) I will contact you directly with any additional information about your purchased merchandised. We appreciate your purchase and your patience. Thank you. 


We are pleased that you have supported our brand and have purchased our products. When you're purchasing products please be sure that the items in your cart are correct and exactly of your choice. Be sure to read descriptions and details about any and every item before you submit your payment. Thank you! We are considerate to our customers and their orders. However, we will only accept returns as replacements on ripped, broken, busted, spilled, cracked, and unworn items. Items can only be exchanged. 


Purchases can be paid with Debit Visa, Credit, and Master Card.  Thank You!

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