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What has GOD done for you lately?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Have you ever just stopped and asked yourself... Have I been thankful? Am I appreciative? Am I grateful? WHAT has God DONE for you lately? Thinking about life lately, as it is; I have been blessed. Over the last 12months God has took me from one position in my career and has opened a door to another one. Although my transition was fairly easy because I'm a quick learner and I can basically teach myself how to do anything, I always seem to adapt easily. I had such a large job load going into my new career by I had no complaints. The pay had been great and the days had been fair. Although I wasn't qualified for the position on paper God still opened a door for me. Leaving a job on a wing and prayer just because I could feel that it was no longer a good fit for me. I had no idea, in that short amount of time where my income would come from, once I was paid for my 3 weeks of vacation time I had available. I said, MY PRAYERS as I normally did and I told myself once I give it to GOD, THAT'S IT. I would leave it there. Believing, if anyone could make a way out of this it would be him and he did just that. #WAYMAKER THANKFUL & GRATEFUL I AM. I didn't apply for the job, I was called for the job. Which was evidence that my work ethic spoke for itself. I have been living most comfortably financially every since. I went from working two jobs and having sleepless nights to being able to get enough rest so I wouldn't fall to sleep at work. BECAUSE GOD WILL MAKE A WAY OUT OF NO WAY.

Too fast forward .

COVID had been in full effect right after I entered a new level in my career status. COVID had certainly slowed the medical office down but it didn't show in my pay. I watched unemployment increase, people lost hours at work and their jobs, businesses closed, and GOD still made a way for me. People kept telling me to apply for stamps because everybody was coming up #Foodrich... I was denied every time I applied (I wanted those food stamps bad) LOL.. (I wanted to stack my cart with everything I needed courtesy of the government too LOL) I was really fussing like -I'm out here paying for my child to attend a Private school, so that he receives the best education and opportunities possible... (and yes I know that is my decision) then I realized that others are going through things, I was Not!! Which could have only been by the Grace of GOD. I had to be appreciative of what remained in place for me because GOD has kept me in a position where I still could provide for myself. Going to work everyday praying , I didn't get Covid from anyone, didn't give it to anyone, or didn't take it home. I was put in a place where he has protected my health... and I don't know what makes me so special but he has me covered more than others. With COVID numbers rising and many people testing positive. I myself still managed to have several negative test. THANK GOD!! During these sickly times I work Monday through Friday in a medical facility, I have traveled and I have been social with social-distancing and wearing my mask. Between the people I have come in contact with and places I have been, GOD has kept me. Keeping prayer going on the behalf of the sickened, those essential workers, my family, and myself was most likely the reason that I have been spared. GOD has made me a care taker for people in my life while they're while keeping me from being sick. He has spared me of things that could have kept me from having the ability to do for myself and others, strength to get up in the morning without any aches and pain to proceed to my daily life under these circumstance, and not need to rely on someone else because HE continues to favor me. I've been waking up in my right state of mind, with a job to go to, and a bed to go home too. Lately God has been allowing me to keep Prayer coming from my mouth, my stability, and my Faith.

I stated all of these things on my 1st blog just to let you know that I am grateful, I have been Blessed, and I am in prayer. I just want to encourage someone in this time during this season in this wickedness to continue to be thankful for your life and what you have because someone else is going through much worse. I have been doubtful and scared that I had COVID, GOD has held my hand and protected me. #Grateful! This year I haven't had to be attached to a hospital or restricted from anything that I wanted/ needed to do. That couldn't have been anyone #butGOD . Life has been restricted but the things that I have been attached too haven't. So for that I am #THANKFUL! Lately God has privileged me with so many advantages in my life and support. Don't ignore or forget about what GOD has done for you lately!

What had GOD done for you LATELY?


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