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The Start of Something Old

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Have you ever had something placed on your heart or an idea that's been dingling (I probably made that word up) in your mind?

Have you done anything with it? or have put it to the side and have been ignoring it?!

Because I can confess, that I have had something placed on my heart and have ignored it a time or five. (... and don't start a sentence with Because lol) Terrible, right! Anyway it has been on my heart.. I knew it was NO COINCIDENCE, it was fear calling out my confidence. Was I afraid to pursue it. I told myself I wasn't but there was such hesitation. I had to come to the realization that something only reoccurs because it has Not served its purpose. You haven’t been tempted enough to put it to USE, so you can't see how life changing it could be.

Can you relate? Have you had any of those feelings? What is that for you?

For me that was, “The Most Powerful Piece | CHESS”. Chess had been my baby since as long as my Noah was born, I'm talking 5 years. It was one of those things that came to me, I don’t remember exactly how I just know I wanted something of my own (For myself & my child) , but could touch and be useful to others: and just like that, CHESS was created. I grabbed a composition notebook and wrote out an entire business plan, from name to objectives, designs, prices, teams, terms & conditions, expectations, and anything you could think of. Me being as particular as I am, I had drawn out logos & apparel designs by hand. (Yes I can draw- Lol) I worked on CHESS for months then I started to making excuses (To Myself) to throw myself off track. I had gotten so full of myself, I had allowed years to pass and hadn't done anything with any of my ideas. I had gotten rid of all my notes, ideas, and even the composition notebook I started with. I tricked myself into thinking that it just sounded good. Then one-day I stopped myself in my own tracks and stopped sounding like a broken record, stopped letting it just be a thought, and a started working on the beginning of something phenomenal.... CHESS ♟. I took the ideas I already had for CHESS and added more & "The Most Powerful Piece | CHESS" was officially born. A place people get to come to get things off their chest since I have the gift, that makes people feel comfortable to me with their problems or things that are going on. Naturally I am a confidant so I automatically knew CHESS would be a perfect place for that. My objective is to be supportive, provide some type of support system for mental health, to encourage, motivate, and make a difference. So be encouraged to do something that has been calling your name that might requires sacrifice. Get out of your way and get started! Quote me on this (words from Myself..) -Success is measured by effort.

Don't let it go to waste. Chanice


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