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How are you? Is everything okay? Do you need anything? Let me know if there's anything I can do. I mean it.

Those are some terms we sometimes find ourselves it with in different circumstances. Sometimes those words and expressions feel genuine, sometimes we think people are just using them because they're common.. However we just really don't know and sometimes we don't want to ask. I am reluctant to allow anyone worry about me, try to carry my burdens, or even feel any type of sorry for me. So I hold a lot of things in, which I know is very unhealthy. I tell people that all of the time and yet sometime I express those bad habits. I'm here to let you know if you are reading this that you don't have to carry the burden by yourself, you don't have to be strong; and you don't have to feel like your playing victim when life is taking it's course. In stead of shutting down you can let it out, I had to just tell myself that. My family and friends have been rock solid with me through a tragedy and that's truly a blessing. There's nothing wrong with crying, screaming or feeling over whelmed. We are human and life throws curve balls. If I'm being honest sometimes we hit them out the park and sometimes the ball hits us in our chest. WELL, I've definitely been hit n the chest these last few months. I deal with a lot of things in silence and DONT have too with the type of love and support I have. The patients people that love you have is resilient, it's not a worry or a bother it's love, So If you're grieving, going through hard times, frustrated, or just feel fluttered with things reach out to someone & talk about it, Help someone help you, through it or at least make it easier for you while you're going through it. Support is a real thing no matter what it is small or BIG. A relationship that's not beneficial is one that needs to be put on Let GO ! Lol


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