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Hey family,

Some of my secret tips when I am overwhelmed, things seem to be closing in, crashing down, or going the total opposite of what I expected.

First .. I Pray

I Find myself praying mostly just to show gratitude before all things.

(asking that whatever is being released into the atmosphere, may it be turned turn around and left to the great work of The Most Highest, which for myself is Jesus.)

Second .. Put on some calming music

Whether it's gospel, soul, R&B, rap, or country... let something play that will feed the soul with as much positivity and encouragement as possible.

If you find yourself crying it's Okay because tears are not only a sin of sadness, anger, frustration, pain, or happiness, But tears are a sign of relief.

Third .. Speak with a Confidant

Don't just call anyone, call someone you trust, someone that's honest and that you believe will give you truth, not things that you just may want to hear.

Fourth .. LET GO

After it has passed, been discussed, have pissed out off, you sung about, talked about it, got the text message or phone call out of the way, and have done or said your piece, just let it GOOOOOOOO.

It's better for the mind, your spirit or energy, and your mental health. So Release it.


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