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Hey Pieces I'm back!

When y'all hear me call y'all Pieces, just know that you guys are now apart of my life and this is how I tune in with y'all. I have been moving like a turtle but faster than a snail at a pace I'm not proud of but with nothing but Purpose. And that right there is meaningful as hell. See some people can't or won't understand that but everything isn't for everyone to understand. Lately, I have been so upfront with God in my prayers and intentional that I spoke it and it is so; that in the season if it is not meant for me, Get rid of it. It has to Go! If there's a lesson I need to learn, bring on the teaching, I and the student. If there's a place inside of me where I need to be healed, pull out the bandages and heal me now. If I need to move on from a Place, person, thing, or dream --> Get me a ticket so I can get to my next stop. If there's something that I need to be doing, God just tell me, please don't let me waste anytime doing things that aren't purposeful. Because this is my time for me too listen, see I know sometimes I just want to talk to God because I have so much to say but one day something just clicked it me like, "shhhhhhhhhh" because after I say everything that's on my mind I really just need to shut up, wait, and listen. God speaks.

Side note: okay so if you're reading this and you're saying why is she saying God this God that because I'm a true believer that he is the key, the way, & the Truth no matter how you believe. AND GOD IS THE ONLY WAY.

So back to what I'm telling y'all. Every time I've prayed (Praying is like my thing.) throughout the day for the last 6 months or more, my prayer has been, "God whatever it is that you have for me to do let it been intentional, no disappointments, no regrets, no second guessing but on your command, whatever life I desire to have, prepare me so I can know how to flourish and sub-stain it. Let me accept the things I desire and mostly reflect me, my passion, where I'm going, what I stand for, let it be designed for happiness, and let it serve purpose. My strong desire to impact people lives is a given, God had blessed me by birthed that way (bragging) but the impact is mainstream because after I am connected something else great can only exist after the way God comes. Not just in this season but I have and I will proceed with nothing but intentional purpose and if it doesn't make sense or bring happiness it can't be possible.

Purpose?? Yeah, don't let anything be pointless Let it be PURPOSEFUL !!


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