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Happiness :

The state of being Happy. Happy meaning Contentment or showing pleasure. Emotional and mental state of positive emotion, satisfaction with life, including joy.

I used to think that, doing things to make other people happy and being there for them would contribute to my happiness- the gestures of thoughtfulness are great, NO DOUBT... especially because I am passionate about helping people and I love being able to give something even if it's just love. But at times I will give my last and when I'm all burnt out or bummed and not content: then what? My own experiences with life surely changes what I think about HAPPINESS. You can't truly be happy or have happiness until you are happy with yourself, in all aspects. You can buy nice things , look good, be in a relationship you feel bound too, or seem happy in pictures. People may assume you're happy because you're always smiling but that doesn't make you happy. I used to hide things that hurt me, including allowing people I love to make decisions that effected me without saying a word; by allowing them to do what was best for them. That's the type of person I mostly was . I wasn't truly happy with myself when I was too busy making sure that people in my life were happy, putting their feelings before my own or worrying about what they thought about something, instead of thinking of myself- About how My decisions and MY Life would make me feel! Other peoples feelings can sometime be draining especially when it feels like they’re depending on your answer or something about you. But, When I stop putting those people in my life feelings first (It didn't stop me from considering their feelings.) I became my happiest. I realized that my life can only proceed based off of anything I feel is best for me, what makes me feel great, and what makes me happy. It hasn't and still doesn't stop me from being a good person, it just put things in perspective for me to think about myself a little more and first.. Being honestly committed to what you feel and what makes you happy FIRST makes everything else is easier to digest and deal with, even if or when you consider the people who actually that actually care feelings..

Just don't forget YOU come First!!!!


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