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A friend is a companion, so Simple. RIGHT? The comfort, loyalty, support, love, and an affectionate bond, that's supposed to be shared between people. Today it's not so common.

A friend is someone you should be able to trust, that you don't have to tell;

not to tell something or whom they can and can't tell it to, one that doesn't offend

you when they speak but can get you together because it's needed, acceptable, and

expected. Because you know it's coming from a good place. Someone who sees

you when there’s a drought, helps water you, & celebrate you in your blossoming season.

Someone that knows when you're falling apart and let's you know,

"You need to pull it together" !

One that gives equally as much as they take from you, one you can count on;

not just for social or financial, but for EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

Someone you can laugh and smile with is Good but one that is there

to listen to your cry & wipe your tears, who doesn't always agree but

serves in honesty, who loves and support effortlessly.

10 mins away or 500 thousand miles away, a Friend shows up...


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