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Updated: Apr 2

Sometimes LIFE gets a head of us and become overwhelming and tiresome. If you can't relate, it might just be a feeling I get. I do a lot of ripping and running whether its for a good cause or because I've attached myself to too many things at once. I'm the type of PERSON, when I say something - I like to do what I said. It seems like once I get up in the morning, time just goes goes goes... Next thing you know I've done 40 things today and don't feel like washing my hair ,Like I said I would. I get home and I am exhausted ready to prepare for the next day, knowing I'll probably run myself ragged again.( ...and It's not done intentionally.) But anyway; I've ripped, ran, burned gas, calories, spent unnecessary money, and put miles on my car, but what did I do for myself? Or what did you do for yourself? It has been a learning process for myself, when it comes to making time for myself (or even yourself) and that it's certainly is important. . .

To have your quiet time= Thought Time, when you actually process things for you sanity of mental health.

Time for grooming and hygiene (besides taking a shower and clean clothes) = hair, nail, waxing appointments + Wash your hair, make time to do it or cut Or even make an appointment with a professional + look neat, dress-up for yourself

Treat yourself= Buy yourself something you always wanted, something you need but haven't picked it up yet, Get a bite at the restaurant that you've been dying to try, or Go on a trip, mini/ day/ 7days (which ever you prefer)

Tap into things you want to do or see, just don't get so wrapped up in life and people that you forget about yourself.

Do something for yourself, no matter what it is.

You Deserve it.

I promise you'll feel better.


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